Dead Letters, A Comprehensive Introduction

A Logical Explanation to the Inspiration of Dead Letters in Five Points

  1. I consume lots of content on the daily. We all do.
  2. Human behavior, user experience / UI, and technology and systems fascinate me.
  3. Every day I ask myself, How can I make the world a better place?
  4. Our interactions and the ways people move in social spaces influences happiness.
  5. I am sometimes inspired to share these observations for good cause.

You see,
I love giving feedback,
I love breaking systems,
I love being a part of the solution,
And making things better.

To do this, I’ll need a good platform.
Facebook isn’t the right audience.
140 characters is too small.
Therefore, blog.

What is a dead letter?

Dead letters are (1) a piece of mail that is returned to the post office as both undeliverable and unreturnable or (2) an issue, law, or matter that is no longer important or that no longer has force or power. At the end of the year, the post office usually has bushels of dead letters. Some of the dead letters are opened to see if there is an address inside.

(Dead Letter Idiom)

Dead Letters featured at A + B
My goal is to transform these ordinary letters into dead letters — things that are no longer an issue because we have found a solution. We all need a way to fix things and to create awareness for issues we care about. If you have a cause that you think will make the world a better place — regardless of size or importance — contact Christopher Ryan. Please include links to your social profiles and resources you feel are necessary context.

The first letter is to LinkedIn: Duplicate Skill Listings, Endorsements and User Experience.

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