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I’m Christopher Ryan. I am a writer and an editor, and I live in New York.

I played video games as a kid and LEGO construction projects were signs of industry (pre-Bionicle). Every Sunday, until I graduated 6th grade, my father would take me to the hobby shop in the next town over. The first time I jumped a ramp on my bike, I went so slow that I flipped over my handlebars. In college, I still played video games and replaced LEGO with WordPress. The hockey and baseball cards I collected with my father are still with me, and I went 130 mph on my friend’s motorcycle in 2009.

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I believe information infrastructure is the touchstone of our culture and ideas. The synthesis of technical innovation and the art of storytelling is creating a golden age unlike any other.

My passion is understanding how people communicate ideas, and why we choose to invest ourselves in some things and not invest in other things, which I use in a comprehensive framework to content creation and strategy.

My professional experience centers on helping businesses and brands reach their goals through storytelling, analytics and frameworks. (And I have an insurmountable penchant for the reader.) For me, innovation occurs at the nexus of data, creativity and curiosity. I am a small part of this edge and I write, make and participate so people have the opportunity to grow and feel happiness.

All Best,

Christopher Ryan

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