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LinkedIn: Duplicate Skill Listings, Endorsements and User Experience

Hi LinkedIn,

I enjoy LinkedIn for a host of reasons but I’ll stick to exactly what is relevant to why I’m writing this letter. The In design and layout customization is a highlight of the In experience, but my question is: When will LinkedIn professionals be able to merge duplicate skill listings?

You guys (/gals) are kind enough to point out the duplicate information, but don’t do much in terms of a solution. From what I can see, the only solution is to dissolve the social influence and endorsements In members work to achieve. This kind of goes against everything LinkedIn is, right? LinkedIn is an influence hub. Professionals gather on LinkedIn specifically for this reason. Having only this option, to cancel a skill, kind of feels like getting a trophy and then having someone bigger than you take it away for no good reason.

Example: I have endorsements for WordPress and Word[p]ress.

All I’m saying is, it would be really nice if users could merge duplicate skill listings. Nobody can really provide a solution except for LinkedIn. If I delete one skill, I can’t ask the people who endorsed me for that skill to do it again. There’s a break in the consumption chain:

A consumption chain is the total set of activities a customer goes through in order to get their needs met, or their jobs done. When a link in the chain is broken or unfulfilling (or offers more than the customer actually wants), the business model breaks down.

(Rita McGrath, The Billion-Dollar Social Media Question | HBR Blog Network)

How would a message to other Connections sound?

Hello everyone, I’m doing some spring cleaning on LinkedIn and my profile has duplicate skill listings. Can you guys endorse “WordPress” instead of “Wordpress”? Thanks in advance for understanding, Christopher

It’s likely LinkedIn professionals would lose influence in this transaction. I doubt message open rates would be 100 percent, let alone having them click-through to satisfy my request. I know my case is small potatoes, but what if these numbers had a few zeros behind them?

I’ve been thinking, are these possible solutions?

  1. Standardize LinkedIn Skill selection to accept only one form of the skill similar to assigning canonical web address function. You’re already there with other UI elements. Example: Search for “Word[p]ress” or “WordPress” only retrieves one LinkedIn skill: WordPress.
  2. Allow users to drag and drop skills over one another to merge totals. (You already point to the same LinkedIn Skill page as shown by mouse over.)

The bottom line is: Endorsements aren’t in our control and not everyone considers the form when endorsing a LinkedIn member. This is a LinkedIn problem. I’m writing because I believe having the ability to merge skills would provide a better user experience. Sometimes it simply about the UI.

Thanks in advance,

Christopher J. Ryan
Loyal LinkedIn Member

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